Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Chugging

Most of my blogging efforts have been directed at the mamajog site ( - read about our amazing race experiences!). My apologies for neglecting this one lately!

We've been slowly but steadily decreasing Mielle's prednisone dose. (Prednisone is the steroid that causes the most immediately dramatic and disturbing side effects - rage, excessive weight gain and puffiness, etc.) As a result, she is looking so much better; she's lost 10 - 12 pounds and is obviously way more comfortable without all that extra weight. She still has challenges with her moods/rage/etc., but not nearly to the same degree. Her energy and strength have been great lately.

We did hit a bump in the road when she developed an ear infection a couple weeks ago. It's weird, because she has never had ear infections, even as a baby - this was, in fact, her first one ever. She had to take an antibiotic and we had to skip her methotrexate shot for that week; the idea was to NOT suppress her immune system as much, so she could fight off the infection.

She's also been having more stomach problems lately. For several months, we seem to have controlled the nausea, etc. caused by her meds, by giving her ADDITIONAL meds for her stomach. For whatever reason, our regime doesn't seem to be working as well for her in terms of tummy trouble... so, back to the drawing board on that one.

But, overall, she still seems to be doing really well, and the disease seems to be under control. So, on we go...

On the Lucien side of things... big news! Lucien is walking, really walking now! Yippeeee! He's making progress on all fronts and it's so encouraging to see him toddle around. His second birthday is coming right up on March 4, and we haven't even begun planning his party! ; )

Love to all -

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