Monday, July 21, 2008

Yard Sale-O-Rama

We're getting a lot of good stuff coming in for the sale next Saturday (July 26) - thanks so much to everyone! This whole project has done so much to lift our spirits and help something positive come out of this mess. The yard sale really has taken on a life of it's own, and keeps growing. We are getting drop-offs from friends as well as people we've never met. The folks at Mielle's former preschool, Home Sweet Home, had been planning a group rummage sale as a fundraiser for the school, and decided to direct all of that stuff to us. It's really been amazing, and it really, really touches us.

Here's a video Lenny did to advertise the sale:

One of my visions for the yard sale was that it would provide a tangible way for the people that care about us to assist us, and reduce that terrible feeling of helplessness that we all experience in this situation. And I pictured it as a way to rally our community, bring everyone together and hopefully become a positive force for everyone involved. All of this is coming to pass, and HOW! It is way beyond my expectations!

It has also been a great way to get media coverage which will raise awareness about JDM. We are to be featured in the Alameda Journal on Friday, and we are working on other outlets as well. I also hope to have some coverage of the event itself - we'll be taking photos, of course! If nothing else, it will be covered HERE!

So, once again, Thank You to Dianne and Lisa for organizing, and Thank You to everyone who is donating stuff and helping out of Friday and Saturday. I can't really express what it all means to us.

Here's a family pic we took for the Journal:

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