Monday, October 13, 2008


Major announcement... hold on to your hats. All who know me know that I am most decidedly NOT an athlete. But I've made a commitment to train and run a half-marathon (13.1 miles!!) to raise money for Cure JM. Here is the link to the fundraising page:

And, Kirsten, Stephanie, Nicole and maybe Lisa are joining me! How freaking awesome is that??

I've been running the last couple of weeks just to try it out, and see if my body would shatter, or the earth would stop rotating, or anything of that nature. But it didn't. So I'm committing. And we've set an ambitious fundraising target - $10K.

I sincerely invite anyone interested to join us in training and running. The race is the Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon, held at the end of January - LOTS of time to get ready! And nobody could be more of a novice than me. No experience required, just some good shoes and a little determination.

We are brainstorming ways to raise publicity and awareness (and more funds) around our running, maybe creating a "Team MiMi" or something catchy like that. More to come, as we figure it out!

Of course, DONATIONS are welcome, and needed. I know many of you have already given in some way, whether to Cure JM, or with the yard sale, and we are most sincerely grateful. But unfortunately, Mielle's condition is ongoing, and so the fundraising stuff will be ongoing as well. I genuinely believe that we, as a community, can truly have a positive impact on Mielle, both by bolstering this organization, and by showing her how much she is supported, and loved.

By the way, Mielle is "training" also - for a 0ne-mile "Fun Run" that is held for kids the day before the big race. She runs up and down the hallway with a timer, and makes notes of her times. It is adorable! I want her to feel that she can do anything, that this disease will not stop her from reaching her dreams, and that she can rely on the strength and love of all those around her to support her on the way.

So, if you don't want to sponsor the grown-ups, then sponsor Mielle! She'll love reading the comments and watching us get closer to our goal.

With much love....

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